Mill-Max Introduces .050” (1,27 mm) Pitch Solder Cup Headers & Sockets

Mill-Max Mfg., Corp., North America’s largest manufacturer of Precision Machined interconnects is proud to present new, .050” (1,27 mm) pitch solder cup headers and sockets for termination of fine gauge wires and cables.  These solder cup connectors are ideal for applications that demand a highly reliable interconnect in a compact format.

Our high quality,  .050” (1,27 mm) pitch solder cup interconnects  are the choice for terminating cables and wires used in critical applications such as medical and industrial equipment.  The headers and sockets each feature closed cavity pins and receptacles providing isolation between the soldering and interconnect areas; keeping solder from contaminating the pin and socket connection.  The solder cups are uniformly aligned to facilitate efficient soldering, especially useful for terminating cables, and can accept up to 26 AWG stranded wire.

PR684The male headers have .016” (0,41 mm) diameter tails suitable for mating with all Mill-Max .050” (1,27 mm) pitch   SMT and through hole board mount sockets, perfect for making wire to board connections.  The socket receptacles are a two-piece construction with a precision-machinedouter shell and stamped beryllium copper internal contact designed for repeated mating while maintaining reliable contact over the life of the product. The insulator material is high performance Nylon 46 with excellent chemical resistance, mechanical strength and an HDT of 290° C to withstand most soldering processes.  The standard plating option is gold, providing interconnect reliability, corrosion protection and wear resistance.

Connectors are available in single and double row configurations:

Single row 1-50 positions:  850-10-0XX-10-003000  (Male Header) &  851-13-0XX-10-003000  (Female Socket)

Double row 2 -100 positions:  852-10-XXX-10-00300  (Male Header) &  853-13-XXX-10-00300  (Female Socket)

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Mill-Max Offers Swage Mount PCB Pins for Interconnect Applications

Oyster Bay, NY, June 13, 2017 – Mill-Max is adding to its diverse mix of swage mount PCB pins with six new offerings designed for interconnect applications.  These swage mount terminals are designed to be mechanically fastened to a board or panel and plugged into sockets or soldered into mating boards in board stacking and other interconnect configurations.

Swage pins are often thought of as wire-to-board soldering terminals and test points or as hardware such as PCB standoffs, but they are also an excellent choice for board-to-board interconnects.  They are cost effective due to their simple design, don’t require the more precise PCB hole specifications associated with most press-fit pins and can be processed in volume with semi-automatic or automatic equipment.  Swage assembly is a method of mechanically fastening pin terminals to a circuit board, similar in style to riveting.  After the pins are swaged, they are soldered, providing a robust mechanical and reliable electrical connection.

PR673The swage pins featured here are offered in various diameters and lengths to suit a wide variety of interconnect applications.  They are useful when space is limited, near the edge of a board for example, where a connector with its housing is not an option.   The swaged pin takes up relatively little space and is secure without the need of an insulator.  The longer pins are perfect for overcoming the height of taller board components (large capacitors, transformers, power supplies, potentiometers) to connect to a daughter card or other module, while the low profile 4658-0 may be used on boards which are primarily SMT, to keep the overall stacked board assembly height to a minimum .

All the pins are high speed precision turned from brass alloys and annealed to prevent cracking during the swaging operation.  The standard plating for these pins is matte tin over nickel with other plating options available upon request.


Part # Pin Dia. (in) Pin Length for Mating (in.) Suggested Mounting Hole Diameter (in) Maximum Board or Panel thickness (in)
4658-0-00-80-00-00-08-0 .040 .094 .043 .062
4275-0-00-80-00-00-08-0 .040 .235 .043 .075
9103-0-00-80-00-00-08-0 .040 .300 .043 .031
4639-0-00-80-00-00-08-0 .062 .432 .065 .062
4717-0-00-80-00-00-08-0 .062 .332 .065 .062
9242-0-00-80-00-00-08-0 .083 .375 .094 .075




Mill-Max Introduces Five New Wire Termination Contacts

Mill-Max has expanded its selection of wire termination products with the addition of new wire crimp and solder cup receptacles.

The three new wire crimp receptacles can accommodate wires from 22-26 AWG and accept mating pins in the popular .025” (,63 mm) – .040” (1,02 mm) range.  The two solder cup receptacle additions provide solutions for solder terminations of disparate uses.  The 9177 is ideal for high current, rugged applications handling currents in the 15 amp range while the 4485 can be used on pin-to-pin spacing down to 2 mm.  Three of the five parts have inspection holes to accommodate wire viewing and to promote plating coverage inside the wire termination holes.  Please see Tables 1 & 2 below for details.

Table 1
Wire Crimp Receptacle P/N Wire Accommodation Mating Pin Range Ø Inspection Hole (Yes/No) Receptacle Current Rating (Amps) at 10º C Temp. Rise
6368-0-33-15-47-27-10-0 22-26 AWG .025″ – .037″ Yes 4.5
4130-0-33-15-34-27-10-0 22-26 AWG .032″ – .046″ Yes 8
8731-0-19-15-34-27-10-0 22-26 AWG .032″ – .046″ No 8


Table 2
Solder Cup Receptacle P/N Wire Accommodation Mating Pin Range Ø Inspection Hole (Yes/No) Receptacle Current Rating (Amps) at 10º C Temp. Rise
4485-0-51-15-21-27-10-0 22 AWG Max. .015″ – .022″ Yes 3
9177-0-18-80-07-27-10-0 16 AWG Max. .065″ – .082″ No 15

The receptacles are a two piece construction with a precision-machined outer shell and stamped beryllium copper internal contact.  Like all Mill-Max receptacles, they are capable of multiple insertion and extraction cycles while maintaining reliable contact over the life of the product.

Various shell and contact plating options are available.

Please visit for more information and to view Mill-Max’s complete line of wire crimp and solder cup receptacles.

Mill-Max Off ers Miniature Receptacles for Diverse Applications

Mill-Max Offers Miniature Receptacles for Diverse Applications

Mill-Max Off ers Miniature Receptacles for Diverse Applications


Mill-Max Connections

Mill-Max Maximum Connections

The largest manufacturer of precision machined interconnect components in North America.

Here is the latest developments from Mill-Max Manufacturing Corporation:   Mill-Max New products Newsletter



Fine Pitch Right Angle & Horizontal SMT Spring Loaded (Pogo) Connectors

Mill-Max is pleased to introduce new .050” (1,27 mm) pitch spring-loaded right angle and horizontal SMT connectors to its standard product lineup.  These new connectors offer space saving spring-loaded solutions for a variety of interconnect applications.

Both connector series are ideal for mating boards in a perpendicular orientation or for parallel, daisy chaining applications.  The centerline mating height is .0435” (1,1 mm) from the board surface with a total profile height of .087” (2,21 mm).  The fine pitch and low profile are desirable for dense packaging requirements while maintaining the durability and reliability expected of quality interconnect components.

The right angle, 854-22-0XX-20-001101, is a through-hole mount connector with .016” (0,41 mm) diameter solder tails suitable for board thickness up to .100” (2,54 mm).  The 854-22-0XX-40-001101 is a horizontal surface mount (HSMT) with .016” (0,41 mm) diameter termination leads held to a .005” (0,13 mm) co-planarity.  They each have a .0275” (0,7 mm) working travel (mid-stroke) and a maximum stroke capability of .055” +/-.005” (1,4 mm – 0,13 mm).

Each series is single row and has standard availability of 1 to 20 positions (higher pin counts available upon request).  These connector series are also available with mounting pegs on the insulator housing to provide additional strength and alignment.  To specify connectors with mounting pegs, modify the part numbers as follows: right angle series, 854-22-0XX-20-601101; horizontal SMT series, 854-22-0XX-40-601101. (See the attached datasheets for pad and hole layouts, as well as part number information).  These connectors, along with new right angle and HSMT target connectors, provide great versatility for diverse mating configurations.

These two new series also maintain the quality and reliability of current Mill-Max spring pin connectors by utilizing the same precision-machined external components and internal spring technology.  Gold-plated components and springs ensure the highest conductivity, corrosion resistance and durability. The spring-loaded pins used in these connectors have a current rating of 2 amps continuous use (3 amps maximum).  The high temperature plastic housing is suitable for all soldering processes and the connectors are RoHS compliant.

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MillMax – Target Connector Lineup Expanded with .050″ and .100″ Concave Face Right Angle, HSMT and More

Mill-Max is expanding its selection of target connectors in both our .100″ (2,54mm) and .050″ (1,27mm) grid families. Target connectors are used in place of SMT pads on a PCB as the mating surface for spring-loaded pins. The new series include right angle with concave mating face (.100″ grid), through-hole and surface mount with concave face (.050″ grid) and horizontal surface mount and right angle (.050″ grid) with both flat and concave face options available.

Combining target connectors with spring-loaded connectors on opposing boards can be a simple and convenient solution for making connections between stacked boards or docking stations and devices.

As a complement to our existing .100″ grid right angle target connectors, we are introducing two new series featuring targets with concave faces. The single row series is 399-10-1XX-10-007000 and the double row is 499-10-2XX-10-007000; both are for through-hole mounting.

In our .050″ grid lineup, we have added concave face versions of our SMT and through-hole target connectors: 856-10-0XX-10-002000 (single row, through-hole); 856-10-0XX-30-002000 (single row, SMT); 857-10-0XX-10-002000 (double row, through hole); 857-10-0XX-30-002000 (double row, SMT).

Concave face target connectors provide additional surface area for mating and can aid in centering/alignment of components and/or boards fitted with spring-loaded connectors.

Rounding out the lineup of new target connectors are right angle and horizontal surface mount (HSMT) versions on .050″ grid. These connectors provide low profile options for parallel or right angle board mating arrangements. The HSMT version is especially suited for daisy chaining applications such as those found in LED strip lighting assemblies. These connectors will be available with both flat and concave face options. The right angle series are 856-10-0XX-20-001000 (flat face) and 856-10-0XX-20-002000 (concave face); the HSMT series are 856-10-0XX-40-001000 (flat face) and 856-10-0XX-40-002000 (concave face).

All the pins are precision-machined and gold-plated for environmental protection, durability and reliable conductivity. The connector insulators are molded from high temperature plastic suitable for most soldering processes, including RoHS environments. All of these products are RoHS compliant.


Mill-Max Introduces Unique Low Profile SMT Target Discs

Mill-Max is excited to announce a new addition to its family of spring pin mating products. This low profile SMT disc shaped terminal is perfect for applications where vertical space is at a premium.

The new 1578-3-57-15-00-00-03-0 SMT disc is .078″ (1,98 mm) in diameter and only .055″ +/-.002″ (1,4 mm +/- 0,0508 mm) tall. Employing our precision-machining expertise we are able to achieve flat surfaces on both sides of the disc with virtually no burrs. The flat surfaces are ideal for surface mount soldering and as the conductive mating surface for spring-loaded pins and connectors as well as test probes. The discs are typically placed on solder pasted PCB pads and then subjected to reflow soldering. Once soldered the terminals are ready to be used as reliable, durable contact points.

The 1578-3’s are packaged on tape & reel — 16 mm wide x 8 mm pitch, 4,000 parts per reel — making them simple to integrate into existing pick & place equipment and assembly processes. The tape packaging is per EIA-481-D.

These SMT target discs are machined from brass and come standard with a 10 u” hard gold finish with a nickel under-plate. Custom sizes are quickly and easily achievable via Mill-Max’s high speed precision-machining processes. Other plating options, such as thicker gold or other materials, are also available. In addition, we offer many other styles of discrete target pins, which may better be suited to your application. As always, if you don’t see what you need feel free to contact our technical support team to discuss your particular application and requirements.

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Mill-Max Additional Offerings of Straight and Right Angle Machines PCB Pins

Additional Offerings of Straight and Right Angle Machined PCB Pins

Mill-Max has developed additional straight and right angle male PCB pins to complement the existing 35XX and 37XX series. In addition to the .020” (0,51mm), .025”( 0,63mm), .030”( 0,76mm) and .040”( 1,02mm) diameters available, these new pins now offer diameters of .060”( 1,52mm ) and .080”(2,03mm). They are suitable for plugging into receptacles and/or soldering into printed circuit boards. The new .060” (1,52mm ) and .080”(2,03mm) diameter pins are a good fit for applications demanding high mechanical strength or to meet higher current requirements.

The 37XX series is ideal for any situation where a right angle connection is required. They can be soldered on to a daughter card and plugged into receptacles or connectors on a motherboard for perpendicular board mating. They can also be combined with right angle receptacles or connectors to mate boards in parallel (daisy chaining). These brass pins are precision-machined and are closely monitored to produce pins with consistent bends each time. The tips of the pins have a full radius shape making them easy to plug into board holes or receptacles.

The straight pins, series 35XX, come in three lengths, .250” (6,35mm), .500”( 12,7mm ) and .750”( 19,0mm) and are available in diameters of .060”( 1,52mm ) and .080”(2,03mm).

The standard plating option is 10μ” gold over nickel. As always, other plating options are available upon request.

For more information use the links to the right for additional product details, to find related products, or contact Mill-Max Technical Services for additional questions.