Hirose Develops Super Low-profile Back Flip Fpc Connector For High-density Applications

Hirose Develops Super Low-profile Back Flip FPC Connector For High-density Applications

With a height of only 0.65mm, the low-profile flexible printed circuit (FPC) connector facilitates smaller and thinner portable electronic designs…

Hirose Develops Super Low-profile Back Flip FPC Connector For High-density Applications

DOWNERS GROVE, ILLINOIS — September 13, 2016 — Hirose, a leader in the design and manufacture of innovative connector solutions, has designed a miniature printed circuit (FPC) connector for portable electronics that require high-speed transmission. The FH53 Series FPC connector employs a back flip style actuator that minimizes the required mounting area, saving valuable PCB real estate. The compact FH53 Series FPC connector is on a 0.2mm pitch, a mounted depth of 3.2mm and a height of only 0.65mm. With a weight of only 0.034g, the FPC connector is well suited for wide range of consumer, medical, point-of-sale and wearable electronics applications.

The FH53 Series FPC connector offers excellent impedance characteristics, and delivers high-density transmission required to support Embedded DisplayPort ver1.3 and MIPI D-PHY ver1.1 standards.

“Compared to other back flip flexible printed circuit connectors currently on the market, the miniature, lightweight FH53 Series reduces the PCB mounting area by 46% with a 60% reduction in weight,” said Rick van Weezel, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Hirose Electric USA. “The reduction in size and weight combined with ruggedness and high-data rates make this connector an ideal solution for a wide range of small, high-density devices.”

The FH53 connector has a top contact design that employs a contact retention spring, which ensures high reliability and signal continuity. The back flip style actuator and bottom contact design provides a high retention force of 9.9N. The contact design also prevents against solder wicking and flux penetration.

The FPC connectors have a user-friendly design, which includes wide tapers providing smooth FPC insertion. The FH53 Series also incorporates a metal lock mechanism, which allows for horizontal FPC insertion/withdrawal, and produces a clear tactile click that insures complete insertion. The FPC tab lock firmly holds the FPC in place until the actuator is locked.

The FH53 Series is currently available in 41-position (full production) and 51-position (samples) versions, with 21- and 31-position models available soon. The connector meets halogen-free requirements and is RoHS compliant.

The high-speed FH53 Series is designed for portable electronics that require high-speed transmission, including smart phones, cameras & video recorders, notebooks & tablets, DVD & Blu-ray players, portable music players, handheld gaming systems, and medical devices.

For additional information about the FH53 Series FPC connectors, please visit: www.hirose.com/us.

For additional information please go to http://www.hirose.com/product/en/products/FH53

VCC Expands High-Brightness LED Panel Mount Indicator Series To Include 125VAC Version

VCC Expands High-Brightness LED Panel Mount Indicator Series To Include 125VAC Version

Rugged 1092 Series LED indicators deliver superior daytime visibility, making it ideal for new and retrofit designs in a wide range of applications

VCC Expands High-Brightness LED Panel Mount Indicator Series To Include 125VAC Version

VCC, the global leader in indication and specialty illumination solutions, has expanded its offering of high brightness LED panel mount indicator series to include a new 125VAC version. The 1092 family of LED panel mount indicators now include a 12V, 28V and 125V versions.

Designed to simplify new and retrofit designs, the 1092 Series LED panel mount indicator features a front panel snap-in mounting that eases installation, leading to a significant reduction in assembly time and cost. Snaps fit into 0.500″ (12.7mm) panel hole and requires no additional hardware.

The 1092 Series LED panel mount indicator provides low energy consumption, fast on/off cycling, low heat generation, and long operating life of more than 100,000 hours. The 1092 Series LED indicator offers superior daytime visibility and achieves full brightness in microseconds.

The LED panel mount indicators are shock and impact vibration resistant when used with a speed nut accessory, improving the overall reliability of the equipment. The 1092 Series is water, dust and oil resistant when used with an O-ring gasket accessory that also helps maximize the life expectancy of the equipment.

Available in four different lens styles, including hi hat, hi dome, semi dome and small dome, the customizable 1092 Series meets a wide range of application requirements. Offered in red, green and amber colors, the 125VAC LED indicators are designed with wire leads (4.4″/4.8″) or tab terminal (0.187″ x 0.020″).

“VCC consistently works to expand product offerings to meet customer requests and solve industry needs,” said Sannah Vinding, Director of Product Development and Marketing at VCC. “The new 125 Volt 1092 Series LED panel mount indicator delivers rugged and reliable performance in harsh environments, making it ideal customers designing for mission critical and/or severe operating conditions.”

Featuring a bezel finish and polished stainless steel, the 1092 Series is compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements. The 0.500″ LED panel mount indicators are cULus listed.

The 1092 Series LED panel mount indicators can be used in automation & control, electrical control panel, food service, industrial, manufacturing, maritime, medical equipment, oil & gas, people mover, and transportation applications.

The 1092 Series is currently in stock at Mouser.

For more information on the 1092 Series, visit

View the 1092 Series product video at http://vcclite.com/new-1092-series-video/

Mill-Max Introduces 3 mm (.118”) Maximum Stroke Spring-Loaded Pin

Mill-Max Introduces 3 mm (.118”) Maximum Stroke Spring-Loaded Pin

Mill-Max is proud to announce a new addition to its spring-loaded pin selection with the introduction of the 0919-0-15-20-89-14-11-0.  This new offering has a maximum stroke of 3 mm (.118”) with an initial height of .379” (9,63 mm).  It is designed for SMT termination and can be used at a minimum spacing of .100” (2,54 mm).

The 0919 spring pin has a recommended working travel range of .030” (0,762 mm) to .100” (2,54 mm) and a maximum mechanical travel of .118” (3 mm), the greatest in our current spring pin lineup.  There is a hard stop incorporated to prevent over compression and minimize the risk of damage to the spring.  This pin is ideal for applications where greater compliancy is desired.  It can compensate for problematic tolerance stack ups in assemblies featuring board-to-board or device-to-board connections.  The 0919 allows a greater range of movement between mating components, providing stable connectivity in assemblies subject to motion, such as mobile devices and light weight devices that often use more flexible housings and materials.  When compressed to mid-stroke, it still allows for .040” (1,02 mm) additional travel while remaining in the recommended working range.  Because the 0919 has more stroke capability, it provides higher forces at its recommended working travel than similar spring pins of this scale.  This may be desirable to a designer seeking to sustain reliable contact during cycles of high shock and vibration.  The 0919 exhibits an average 85 gram force at mid-stroke with the ability to achieve 127 grams at the top of the recommended travel.

The 0919 is also available packaged in single and double row strips on .100” (2,54 mm) centers.  The single row series part number is 837-22-0XX-30-001101 (change last three digits to 191 for tape & reel packaging); the double row series part number is 839-22-0XX-30-001101 (change last three digits to 191 for tape & reel packaging).

Gold-plated brass components and stainless steel springs ensure the highest reliability, corrosion resistance and durability.  The spring-loaded plunger is suitable for mating with gold-plated PCB pads or Mill-Max target pins and connectors.

For more information, please visit: www.mill-max.com/PR668 or view or data-sheet.